Week 14: Death Penalty Wrap-up & Drug Issues


1. Arguments in favor of the death penalty from the book

Debating the Death Penalty: Should America Have Capital Punishment? The Experts on Both Sides Make Their Case; Hugo Adam Bedau (Editor), Paul G. Cassell (Editor)

effective representation | just punishment | logical support for deterrence | firsthand reports | racism |

2. Gallery walk for our marriage posters.

3. How reliable are eyewitnesses? (60 minutes) This is the part 2 of the story that looks at why eyewitness testimony is not reliable.

As time permits…Listen/read one of the oral arguments from one of these SCOTUS cases. What are the disagreements about specifically when it comes to processing capital punishment cases?

Use the West High access to Lexis-Nexis in our LMC  to select your group’s readings. (if this link doesn’t work, choose Lexis-Nexis  from the LMC page and navigate to your topic)

1. Drinking Age

2. Legalization of Marijuana

3. Drug Use in Sports

1. Living Room Conversations: finding common ground

2. Writing a death penalty bill for Wisconsin.


Senate hearing to try to pass legislation on the death penalty for Wisconsin.