Week 10-Marriage & LGBTQ Issues


1. Jigsaw what state-level initiatives have been surrounding marriage.
2. Read 2 the following articles surrounding marriage equality:

We’ll have a discussion on these articles on Friday.


Gay-Straight Alliance presentation


1. Just an FYI…today is the day the Supreme Court hears the Town of Greece v. Galloway case. Here is the Oyez “deep-dive” on the case. Here is the press briefing released on C-SPAN from this morning.

2. Supreme Court cases

3. Look through the Pew Research group’s data on attitudes towards same-sex marriage.
Which groups have changed most significantly? Which groups have changed least?

Current Events—really current!! Add these stories to your perspectives data-table.

What are the state and federal benefits given to married couples?


How does learning multiple perspectives influence your own? Line-up discussion. (1 on 1)

It Gets Better” by the Pixar employees

Family Research Institute of Wisconsin video, 2005 (on DVD)


Visual Representation of Same-sex marriage perspectives