Week X: Individual Liberty vs. Community Good

Missouri Alone in Resisting Prescription Drug Database

JULY 20, 2014 (nytimes.com)

Tracking prescription drugs



9/4-9/6 Course Introduction


Image from Village Voice Story on HONY

Who are the people behind the “social?”

1. What is “Social?” Why should we care about social issues? Who are we caring about?

2. What is a Social Issue?

  • Aired, fairly considered, critically evaluated, significant, contemporary and unresolved
  • What’s your take on inequality? Hans Rosling: 200 years

3. Course Syllabus


University of Michigan Law Library

A great place to spend a summer debate camp!

1. Sustained growth in these 4 areas:

  • Ability to include and explain multiple perspectives
  • Substantive (multiple texts and formats on a range of issues)
  • Thoughtful, reflective, and analytically flexible
  • Confident in both written and public discourse

We will be recording individual monologues that document these areas.

2. My path to discussion & social Issues

About learners…

a. Describe a perfect day outside of school.

b. Describe your past experience in social studies classes. What has been a thrill? a challenge? engaging?

c. How can I help you grow as a learner?

d. Explain your own experience with discussions and public speaking?

e. How do you approach controversy in your life with friends? With family?

3. Common Ground. Where is our group at with respect to speaking and controversy as we begin our semester? (Venn diagram.) How are your ideas about argument and common ground similar to or different from those of your classmates?


1. What is MMSD Board policy on studying controversial issues?

2. Anti-War teach-in Squashed Madison Capital Times, December 3, 2002.