Week 12-13: Death Penalty


1. Death Penalty Sort.
2. What questions do we want to look into? What terms are important?

Tuesday & Wednesday: LMC Days:

1. Preliminary vocabulary:

2. Imminent death penalty issues (npr.org). Contrast this with the BBC perspective on the issue.

3. Individual State data

4. What are the issues surrounding the death penalty? You will be assigned ONE of these to research in detail. Be prepared to be the resident expert on your topic. Collect data, statistics, quotes, cases, statutes, etc. associated with your issue.

5. Listen to at least one of these songs about the death penalty in its entirety. How do the lyrics address the death penalty? Write down two lines from the songs giving an indication as to the opinion the artist is trying to get across.

6. What are the pro-con arguments for the death penalty? Here is another pro site and here is another con site.

7. Other topics we asked about in class on Monday


Discuss the research found during the LMC background work.

Listen to George Ryan’s 2003 commutation speech.


Deadline documentary


Current Events roundtable


  1. Finish current events and Deadline documentary.
  2. How reliable are eyewitnesses? (60 minutes) This is the part 2 of the story that looks at why eyewitness testimony is not reliable.

Week 10-Marriage & LGBTQ Issues


1. Jigsaw what state-level initiatives have been surrounding marriage.
2. Read 2 the following articles surrounding marriage equality:

We’ll have a discussion on these articles on Friday.


Gay-Straight Alliance presentation


1. Just an FYI…today is the day the Supreme Court hears the Town of Greece v. Galloway case. Here is the Oyez “deep-dive” on the case. Here is the press briefing released on C-SPAN from this morning.

2. Supreme Court cases

3. Look through the Pew Research group’s data on attitudes towards same-sex marriage.
Which groups have changed most significantly? Which groups have changed least?

Current Events—really current!! Add these stories to your perspectives data-table.

What are the state and federal benefits given to married couples?


How does learning multiple perspectives influence your own? Line-up discussion. (1 on 1)

It Gets Better” by the Pixar employees

Family Research Institute of Wisconsin video, 2005 (on DVD)


Visual Representation of Same-sex marriage perspectives