Week 7: What evidence supports and refutes gun control?


Where are we at with the evidence we have collected so far? We’ll be aggregating some of the data from the readings we’ve been looking at. What are the possible perspectives and arguments on gun control? Where are we at in terms of evidence for these arguments? What data and evidence are we missing?

Gun laws in California (nytimes.com)

NRA speaks on Meet the Press


What argument do the producers of Living for 32 make? What does Colin Goddard argue should be done about guns?


Background reading from procon.org

Evidence collection for your position:

  1. Why our Gun Debate is off-target (Wall Street Journal, 2013)
  2. Second Thoughts on the Second Amendment (The Atlantic)
  3. The False Promise of Gun Control (The Atlantic, 1994)
  4. The Story of a Gun (The Atlantic, 1993)
  5. Online Ads are the latest way…(salon.com, 2013)
  6. Twelve Facts about Guns and Mass Shootings (Washington Post)
  7. Gun laws in California (nytimes.com)
  8. Do Gun Control Laws Control Guns? (National Review)
  9. Stand your Ground Laws:

West High Databases (These are directly oppositional….easy to get at the specific arguments for your side…)

Thursday & Friday

Prepare for the debate. (in LMC)



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