Week 6: Guns in America


1. What are the controversial questions surrounding guns in America? If you only knew __________, then you’d believe ________________ about guns. Write a preliminary paragraph about your perspective on gun ownership in America.
2. Small groups will generate the related topics and information we need to know in order to process those questions. We’ll include a look at the people/groups likely to have different perspectives.
3. Read background reading from procon.org

4. Group time for reading: how do these readings contribute to our understanding of the topic?

  1. Why our Gun Debate is off-target (Wall Street Journal, 2013)
  2. Second Thoughts on the Second Amendment (The Atlantic)
  3. The False Promise of Gun Control (The Atlantic, 1994)
  4. The Story of a Gun (The Atlantic, 1993)
  5. Online Ads are the latest way…(salon.com, 2013)
  6. Twelve Facts about Guns and Mass Shootings (Washington Post)


1. Group reading and report out. Use poster paper to collect arguments and evidence.
2. Begin watching After Newton: Guns in America. Use a t-chart to capture notes from the film and questions that it raises. Consider the categories: argument and evidence

Thursday and Friday

What types of evidence are individuals and groups using to support their arguments? Where do we stand at this point about whether gun ownership should be restricted?

We’ll be looking at a bit of the history behind gun legislation and the arguments in favor of and against gun control. We’ll be using the Issues and Controversies database from the LMC.

Extra Resources:

Political cartoons about guns


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