Week 2: Argument Frameworks


1. Learn about the Toulmin model of argumentation

2. Read Leaving a Tip: A Custom on Need of Changing? (nytimes.com) Complete text mark-up (symbol/color coded for claim, support, and warrant) and vocabulary (fabulous or unclear). Due Wednesday 9/11.


1. Look through a wide variety of web sites and cull together possible social issues for processing this semester. Each group of students (by last name) will be reviewing different sites. Try not to duplicate…we want to cast a really big net.

2. For the social issues you find, write out a possible policy claim that could be made while processing that issue.

3. The list of sites to look through is here.


1. Sort through the possible social issues you found Tuesday. We’ll be organizing and categorizing these in small groups. What are some possible policy claims?

2.Discuss the “Leaving a Tip” article. What were its claims? supports? warrants?

3. Write a persuasive paragraph indicating your position on the tipping issue.

4. What are the strongest supports for two different claims on tipping?


1. Upcoming religious issues in the SCOTUS.

2. Prayers in government schools? (foxnews.com)


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